Serotonin Molecule

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  • Cast in high-polish silver-tone alloy
  • Pendant size - 1.25" high by 1.5" wide
  • 16-inch long oval-linked chain + 3-inch extender
  • Nickel and lead free


This is such an adorable necklace! I am a total science nerd so the style is right up my alley! I get so many compliments when I wear this. People either ask what it is or they understand that it's a molecule and then they ask what kind of molecule it is. When I tell them its serotonin they actually understand what that means they usually grin from ear to ear. This necklace is very high-quality and I've worn it at least 20 times and it hasn't broken or turned color some of the other necklaces I purchased on Amazon. I can dress and outfit up with this necklace or where it casually. I sometimes forget to take it off and you can wear to the gym and it doesn't bother me one bit. This line makes a few other cool molecule necklace says and I'm hoping to purchase the dopamine molecule shortly. This is a must-have for any science nerd and it would also make a great gift for your chemistry teacher!

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